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Today I’m sharing the design behind the brand for Felicia Kelly!

If you missed her interview episode, go back and listen to it here!

Let me talk a little bit about the overarching view of her design and then we'll get into some of these specifics that are so rock solid in what she was saying.

Career Type & Public Role

Felicia is a Classic Builder, also known as a Generator in Human Design and a 3/6 Profile which is like the pioneer and the role model. The 3rd line is all about entrepreneurship. It is about trial and error and learning what you can from each step of the way. It is very much a pioneering pathway. The 6th line is all about being the role model. She’s got to go first.

Now, if you listen to the interview, she is living that 3/6 Profile. She had to go through a lot of trial and error and try a lot of things to see what works. She talked about building a very successful coaching business, and then realized it wasn’t making her happy. That's that 3rd Line way of testing and trying.

The 6th Line is all about the role model, but you become the role model over time from trying different things, similar to the 3rd Line. You heard her talk about this, right? She tried from the age of 19 all the way up until even until now was really trying out different types of roles and kind of going to the next level. She tried things out in corporate, tried things out as an entrepreneur and is continuing to make those shifts in her new business model and being an EMT. That's very 3rd Line. Then at some point, if you're following your design, after you turn 30, you're kind of stepping into more the 6th Line pathway, which is you've learned so much, you're beginning to apply those learnings in your own life. You're having your own transformation. Then ultimately, you're ready to come down off the mountain and actually share, teach, and be the role model for others for what you have done to help them.

If you listen to that interview, you better believe that 3/6 is definitely Felicia. She is here to lead the way, to pioneer, to be the role model that is what she's doing for so many people to help them understand what the RICH Life actually is.

Felicia's Energy

Felicia has a very strong energy. You could probably feel that in the interview. She has all three types of energy – individual empowerment energy, collective sharing energy, and tribal support energy.

The individual empowerment energy is the centering. She has got the centering type of individual energy and she's really here to help empower others, especially when she is empowered herself. Especially as that 6th Line role model being empowered, she can empower others from a sharing standpoint.

She has collective sharing of her experience and collective sharing of her logic of what she knows. She's here to really share with others what she knows and the experiences that she's had.

Lastly, she has what is called tribal support. That’s all about being able to support the tribe, the community, family, whoever you're leading, and really that tribal support energy to help guide, protect and support.

She has all the types of energy inside of her, and that's how people can really work with her when they're around her and when they hear her. She talked about being a speaker on stage. When you have someone that's on stage or even in the podcast interview that we did, and she is with her empowerment and her sharing of her logic and her experience and having that tribal support, we heard all of that come out in the interview. She was so passionate about women and high achieving women and not going down the path that we've always been down of “we've got to achieve and do more.” That's the tribal support coming out.

Then we feel so empowered by her because she's being that role model and going first. She did quite a bit of sharing in the interview that was really impactful from both an experience standpoint from the past and the logic of the future and the sharing of what she knows.


As you may or may not know, the way that we create or have this energy in us is where we are defined. It’s where we have Strengths in business for Human Design. In traditional Human Design, it's called Channels.

Felicia has the 64-47 Channel is the Channel of Abstraction. It actually connects the inspiration head center to the conceptualization center, and it's really about the experiential mind. It’s about making sense of the past to share realizations with others. It’s very visual when we think of her RICH Life method, and in her interview, she really went into detail about what the acronym means. To me, that's the 64-47 Strength. It’s really being able to pull that together in a visual way coming from her past experiences. It can reflect on past experiences and desires, new ones, a lot of stories, big ideas, dreaming, dwelling on possibility, also waiting on the right timing and the revelation of a new story or perspective on life. The 64 is also one of her Core Four which makes up her Life’s Work.

Another channel that she has is the 44-26. Now, I was chuckling a little bit because when she was talking, I knew that she had that channel when she was talking about how good she was in sales. The 44-26 is all about sales and marketing. It's the sales and marketing channel. It was so cool to see because she said it just came naturally. She has a conscious strength here in sales, and she did very well in sales from the age of 19 to the present. She's got that strength.

Then she went on to be also a business coach helping women as well. The 44-26 is also about entrepreneurship and capitalism. It's the energy for sales, persuasion and new ideas. It’s the potential to persuade the tribe, especially with understanding lessons of the past. It is really a beautiful strength to have, especially in the line of work that she's always been in. That is an area of inherent strength that she has as well.

Now, here's another strength that she has that's really powerful which is the 51-25. This strength connects the heart or will center to the identity center. It's all about the channel of initiation, the strength of initiation, the ability to bring people into a new direction. It's a direction that might be kind of shocking for people. What she shared in that interview, that's exactly what she's doing. She is going against the grain.

There's one other strength that we're going to go into as well, and that is the 5-15. This strength connects the energy center, so her energy resource center to her identity center. It is all about rhythm and patterns. It's around connections and connections to the elements. When I think about what she was sharing, at least what kind of came up for me is it's also a channel of deep love of humanity.

Felicia's Life's Work

As a reminder, for those of you that already know, our life's work makes up about 70% of our design. For those of you that are not familiar with life's work, it's also called the incarnation cross in traditional Human Design. It's important to contemplate these and to understand these. This is what we do in Her Design School™. We teach you how to look at your bodygraph, what your core four are and how to study them deeper.

It's such a beautiful combination of our purpose, who we must be and potentially some of the lessons we're here to learn in life. What I always have my students do is you take a look at your core four, you see what centers in the bodygraph they're in and whether or not they're in a defined or undefined center.

I'm going to walk you through Felicia’s, and then we'll talk a little bit about what they potentially mean. In her life's work, in her conscious sun, is the 5.3. We just went through the channel of 5-15. Five is all about rhythm, patterns, and routines. That is in her defined energy center.

Her grounding, her conscious earth, is a 35.3 and that is in her communication center. It's the only activation in her communication center and her communication center is undefined.

On the other side of things, her radiance, also known as her unconscious core essence is a 64.6, and that is part of the defined channel of the 64-47. It is up in the head center, the inspiration center.

Then the 63.6 is her purpose in the Gene Keys. It is the unconscious grounding in BG Five or business for Human Design. What's interesting is that the 63 and the 64 are all in the inspiration center and going first. It’s her being that role model.

The core four are really important because they help us to see who we must be to fulfill our purpose as well as potentially what we must learn.

When our core four are in a defined center, that's who we must be. When any of our core four are in an undefined center, meaning it's not colored in, that's a life lesson. It's wisdom to be gained.

Defined/Undefined Centers

For Felicia, the 5, the 64 and the 63 are all in defined centers, but her 35 is in an undefined center. Her 35 is in her communication center and it's the gate of change. 35 is about change and learning that because it's life, she's got to learn the life wisdom of change and being the voice of change. It's like this ability to bring progressive change into others' lives. How cool is that?

Now I will tell you, she's a 35.3. It's one of her highest potential profit areas, and that's exactly what she's doing in her business. She's also being that role model, which is so unbelievably cool.

She mentioned something else that I was going to bring up. She talked about taking a nap before going into her group coaching calls, and she had a whole story about that. I know she had mentioned that it's also because she felt like it was draining her. She didn't love the work she was doing. Well, she has an open drive and stamina center. And so over time it's really important to be aware of that because there can be a lot of pressure that can come in, other people's pressure, and that people pleasing pressure that she was talking about.

She also has a completely undefined or open emotional intelligence center. Everywhere we're open, everywhere we're undefined, we're learning. We are learning to let life happen for us, so that we can learn and fulfill our purpose.

Felicia’s open emotional intelligence center, her undefined drive and stamina and her undefined communication center, are all areas of potential wisdom so that she can help others, and clearly that is what she has been doing.

The Theme of Felicia's Life's Work

Public Role and Life's Work graphics Felicia’s theme of her life's work is consciousness, and she has a personal focus. She's here to focus on her own self exploration, facing her own personal challenges in life, doing research, exploring, gaining new perspectives, as we have heard. She's here to fulfill her purpose through transformation. Through change, growth, transforming things herself or others, finding purpose in being human and fully living life, her RICH Life.

Her life’s work theme is consciousness. She creates her own momentum for growth and development by following her own flow. Consciousness is a fundamental attunement to natural rhythms. Waiting isn't stopping. It is an active state like being pregnant. You enjoy fixed rhythms and tempos. This is what gives you the tenacity to stay true to your own inner rhythms in order to stay vital, healthy, and always in your flow. Man, she just has a really, really exciting design. She's living that design and thankfully as a 3/6, she's living that design for us, right? For us, because we're learning.

I told her at the end of the interview that I got so much from it personally. I said that what she's doing is she's helping to give so many of us permission. That's what a role model can really do. It can be the rebel that leads the way, especially with that 51-25 channel of initiation. She is creating a new pathway for us, and it gives people permission to follow her. I just really adore her.

There's so much more here. I know we're barely scratching the surface as we look through her design. It is a beautiful design. It is one that she's truly living, and I'm grateful to her for doing that for the rest of us.

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