523 | Human Design & Gene Keys Impact on my Marriage

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podcast cover art Today, I wanted to share with you something deeply meaningful that I recently posted to my students in Her Design School™, and felt compelled to extend the invitation to you as well.

In my role as a teacher, I have the privilege of guiding students on a journey of self-discovery, helping them understand their Human Design Bodygraph and Gene Keys. It's a profound process that unveils their true selves and ignites breakthroughs that resonate at their core. Through studying Human Design and Gene Keys, we tap into an energy that feels like conversing with one's soul—a transformative experience that I cherish deeply.

But it's not just about teaching for me; I'm actively engaged in this journey myself. Continuously learning and exploring my own potential, strengths, and perfect self-expression, I've come to realize the immense power in understanding one's Life's Work and Public Role.

Your Life's Work, often referred to as the Incarnation Cross in traditional Human Design, is the essence of what you're meant to do during your time on this planet. It's your purpose, your calling. Paired with your Public Role, which acts as the character you must embody to fulfill your Life's Work, these concepts offer profound insights into your energetic alignment and potential for impact.

I've observed that Life's Work Themes can generally fall into four main categories: bonding, mind, form, and transformation. Personally, my Life's Work theme resonates deeply with bonding—a realization that has brought about significant breakthroughs in my own journey.

Getting Personal

For the past three years, my Now GOAL®, a seemingly impossible goal, has been to love my husband unconditionally. This goal stemmed from a profound understanding of relationship dynamics, particularly the concept of The Manual, which illuminated how our expectations shape our experiences in relationships.

Through this journey, I discovered that loving someone unconditionally requires letting go of expectations and seeing them with love, regardless of circumstances. This pursuit led me to delve deeper into Human Design and Gene Keys, which in turn transformed how I perceive my husband and our relationship at its core.

Studying our Human Design Bodygraphs and Connection Charts, I gained invaluable insights into our strengths, potential, and areas of compromise. This newfound understanding not only deepened my love and compassion but also elevated my energetic frequency, positively impacting every aspect of my life, including my business and overall sense of purpose.

You're Invited

I share this with you not only to offer a glimpse into my journey, but also to extend an invitation. I'm hosting a free masterclass where I'll delve into understanding your Life's Work and Public Role, offering insights that could profoundly shift your perspective and empower you to live in alignment with your true self.

The masterclass begins on April 29th, and it will be recorded for those unable to attend live.

Register for free here!

Join me on this transformative journey—to discover your purpose, deepen your relationships, and elevate your impact.

I'm excited to embark on this journey with you and witness the powerful transformations that lie ahead!

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Get your customized FREE Human Design in business report & guide.