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In my entrepreneurial journey, discovering the right business model has been a transformative pursuit. Initially drawn to brick-and-mortar entrepreneurship, I soon realized it didn't resonate with my energetic essence. Transitioning to online coaching, I found myself navigating various business models, seeking the elusive secret to success.

Through trial and error, I discovered a profound truth: all business models can work, but only if they align with your unique energetic blueprint. Whether it's memberships, courses, or high-ticket offers, success hinges on authenticity and passion.

How Human Design & Gene Keys for Business Helped Me Find the Right Business Model

Podcast cover art For me, the turning point came with understanding my Human Design Bodygraph and Gene Keys, and embracing my innate gifts and talents. This clarity revealed my true calling: to be a teacher, to share a transformational message with my soul society.

My vision for my business model differs from the norm. Rather than building a large company, I envision a personal brand with a small, dedicated team handling the backend. This allows me to focus on creating transformative content, speaking engagements, and licensing opportunities.

Throughout my journey, I've learned the importance of finding an expander—a role model whose success resonates with my aspirations. For me personally, it’s Bob Proctor and Oprah. I've also come to realize the pitfalls of blindly following one-size-fits-all business coaching, instead trusting my inner authority.

My big advice to you is make sure that you are energetically aligned to the business model, the sales strategy, the marketing strategy, how you've structured your offers, and who you're taking advice from because it has a huge impact in your business. Only then can we achieve true prosperity and fulfillment in our entrepreneurial endeavors.

Design for Prosperity

gene keys book and human design bodygraph If you want to learn more about your Human Design and Gene Keys for business and how they can potentially show you your energetic blueprint for what you're here to do in the world and how, make sure that you come to my masterclass Designed for Prosperity.

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If we've already started, there'll be a replay! That is a great place to start because you don't want to go down a pathway that is energetically not correct and lose time, money, and definitely energy.

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