528 | God vs. Personal Development – How to Co-Create to Live by Design

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how to use tools like human design to co-create a life by design Today I’m diving into a topic that's been on my mind for a while – the crossroads of faith and personal development. I've recently encountered discussions polarizing the two, which has sparked some reflection. This either or mentality seems to be magnified by the ongoing societal shift towards individual empowerment.

Let's start with a recent post I stumbled upon, where an entrepreneur confessed to prioritizing personal development over faith. While I understand her sentiment about needing to regain trust and surrender in co-creation, the dichotomy presented troubled me. It's emblematic of broader societal tensions, amplified by the current transition from an era of collective focus to one of individual empowerment.

This transition isn't about abandoning community care but recognizing that empowered individuals can better contribute to collective well-being. However, it's causing friction between those embracing change and those clinging to traditional beliefs.

This tension extends to social media debates, where individuals are pressured to choose between faith and alternative spiritual practices. Drawing from my own journey, I acknowledge the complexity of navigating belief systems. Having been raised as a Catholic before embracing a broader perspective, I've learned that faith is deeply personal and multifaceted.

The Practice of Co-Creation

My mission isn't to advocate for any specific belief system but to empower individuals in their co-creation journey, regardless of their faith or spiritual beliefs. I believe we're all tasked with elevating our consciousness and aligning with our divine purpose.

To me, personal development isn't antithetical to faith; it's complementary. We're called to raise our frequency, aligning with our divine potential while honoring our unique paths of spiritual connection. This journey involves shedding societal conditioning and embracing inner growth to live life by design.

I'm committed to supporting individuals on this inner journey, using tools like Human Design and Gene Keys to facilitate self-discovery and alignment. Ultimately, my goal is to help individuals recognize their innate potential and embrace their life's purpose, regardless of their faith tradition.

I invite you to embrace your faith while engaging in inner work, recognizing that personal development and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. It's through this integration that we can fully embody our divine potential and contribute meaningfully to the world!

Her Design Hub™

how human design and gene keys can help your business

You may or may not be aware that I am actively pursuing multiple certifications at the BG5 Business Institute, which is part of the official International Human Design School. It is owned and run by Ra Uru Hu's family, and it's the official source of really applying Human Design for business and career.
I've been going through certification now for over a yea, and it's so exciting – I'm about to finish up my very first part of the certification, and I'll be certified as a BG Five Consultant, but I'm also getting certified in some other areas.

There is SOOO much Human Design information out there and so much of it is fluff or not accurate.

As part of my certification and partnership with these official schools, I have learned that having a program or business with the name “school” “academy” etc is in violation of their terms.

Therefore, I decided to stay above the fray because I plan on continuing my certifications and partnership with them for years to come. After much thinking, I decided to change the name of Her Design School to Her Design Hub™!

We do so much more than teach here anyway!

Human Design is based on the Mandala, which is a wheel – and we are at the hub. 🛞

We also just submitted to register the trademark officially and we are so excited.

If you’d like to check out Her Design Hub™, click here!

How to Learn More About Your Human Design for Business

woman sitting at table reading notes I've got some really exciting things planned for those of you who have yet to take the leap in learning more about your design – one is free and the other is bite size!

If you haven't done it yet, I highly recommend that you get the Getting Started Bundle! You’ll get your own personalized Human Design for Business Chart, and a 24 page ebook that I created to help teach you about how to use the chart and what Human Design for business is all about. Then, you’ll also get an eight part audio series in case you want to listen to the ebook instead of read it.

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Another thing you can do is get on the waitlist for a new course that I'm launching at 50% off!
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It’s called the Marketing Makeover in a Weekend Using Human Design. I'm going to help you with how you can do some marketing makeovers, brand messaging, potentially niche, and all of that, and how your Human Design can help you with that. I'm going to put it in a way that you can get it done in a weekend.

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