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Human Design is the Biggest Marketing Hack in Business I am beyond excited to share this post with you because we're diving into a game-changing topic that can ignite the breakthrough you've been longing for in your business. Whether you're just starting out, have stalled, or are looking to reach the next level of growth, this is for you. Today, we're exploring how to use the 12 Public Roles in Human Design to supercharge your marketing strategy, sales strategy, and offer development.
For those familiar with Human Design, you might know these as Profiles, represented by two numbers in your design. In the context of Human Design for business, we refer to them as Public Roles. When I first discovered my own 2/4 Profile, I was instantly captivated and felt a deep need to understand it better, especially for my business. This quest led me to the BG Five Business Institute, where I learned how profoundly understanding your public role can transform your business.

Many of you already know that I am in the process of being certified by the BG Five Institute, the official Human Design for Business School. It teaches the practical application of Human Design in a business context. Learning about my 2/4 Profile, I realized how essential it was to my marketing and sales strategies. This insight was a major breakthrough, allowing me to align my business efforts with my unique design, creating more impactful and satisfying results.

Public roles are like the roles an actor plays in a movie—it's about embodying the part you're meant to play in your life's work. Understanding your public role helps you align your marketing, sales, and offers with your true purpose. It’s about being in alignment with your design to attract the right opportunities, clients, and revenue.

Your Public Role is the Biggest Marketing Hack

12 public roles in human design for business As I’ve said many times before, all sales and marketing strategies work. If they’ve worked for one person, they work. But, not all sales and marketing strategies work for YOU. We are all unique. Learning about my Public Role has really opened my eyes to seeing what strategies work best for me and my design, and as I’ve brought this knowledge to my clients, they are seeing it make a huge difference in their approach, too. In fact, one of my dear clients, Tommy Collier, has called it the biggest marketing hack, and I couldn't agree more!

Understanding your Public Role is like finding an easy button for your business strategies. It helps you determine the best marketing and sales strategies and which offer types are aligned with your design. Without this knowledge, you might waste time and money on strategies that aren't right for you, leading to burnout or indecision. Trust me, I have definitely learned this the hard way, but I’m so glad that I did because it brought me to Human Design for Business and the Gene Keys. Just like one of my favorite quotes from Steve Jobs, “you can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking back.

How to Apply Your Public Role to Your Marketing & Sales Strategies

marketing makeover in a weekend using human design I'm thrilled to announce my new course, Marketing Makeover in a Weekend Using Human Design. This course will help you discover your Public Role and its implications for your business, giving you an instant facelift in your marketing and sales. You’ll also learn about your Life’s Work Theme and the Vibe of Your Tribe, helping you attract the right people and opportunities. All of these can be studied from your Human Design Bodygraph!

As a special offer, I’m giving 50% off to my loyal blog readers, podcast listeners and email subscribers. You can get the course for just $99, and you’ll receive lifetime access to all the modules and bonuses. This offer is available until June 3rd, so don't miss out.

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Let's make more money and help more people by aligning with our true design.

Can't wait to see you inside the Marketing Makeover in a Weekend course!


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