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using human design to determine ad strategy Today, we’re diving into an intriguing topic! Whether Facebook ads could be the next big step in growing your business and how Human Design, particularly your Public Role, plays a pivotal role in this decision.

I frequently receive questions from students and clients about whether they should run Facebook ads. While anyone can run ads and potentially find success, understanding your Public Role in Human Design can help you determine if Facebook ads are right for you and how to use them effectively. Your Public Role essentially guides the way you manifest your purpose in your business.

From my experience working with various clients and students, I've seen how profoundly Public Role impacts marketing, sales, and offers. Successful businesses boil down to three core elements: marketing, sales, and delivery. Often, we're more comfortable with the delivery aspect but struggle with marketing and sales because these aren't naturally our forte. Our true calling lies in the work we do, not in promoting or selling it.

All Marketing & Sales Strategies Work

For instance, while I love marketing as much as I love teaching Human Design, most people don't share this enthusiasm. This gap often becomes the barrier between a successful business and one that struggles to scale. The challenge arises from the overwhelming number of marketing and sales strategies available. Each strategy can work, but not all are suitable for everyone.

Before I delved deeply into Human Design, I wasted a significant amount of time and money on strategies that didn’t align with my design. In 2021-2022, I invested heavily in a quiz funnel and Facebook ads without understanding that my audience needed to hear my voice and experience my energy. After learning about my Public Role (I’m a 2/4), I realized that people needed direct interaction with me to connect. This insight transformed my approach, leading to more effective marketing strategies.

Different strategies work for different people based on their Public Roles. For example, a 5/1 Public Role might thrive on connecting with strangers through ads, while a 2/4 like me needs more personal interaction. Therefore, knowing your Public Role can help you tailor your ad strategy to fit your unique energy and connection style.

When running ads, the strategy behind them is crucial. For me, bringing people into environments where they can hear and see me, like through a limited series podcast like my Her Work by Design™ podcast, works best. This approach contrasts sharply with my earlier, less personal quiz funnel strategy.

How to Study Your Public Role

marketing makeover in a weekend using human design Understanding the 12 Public Roles in Human Design helps you see how people need to experience you. This understanding can transform how you approach Facebook ads and other marketing efforts. If people need to experience your energy directly, your ads should lead them to platforms where they can hear your voice and engage with your content.

To explore these concepts further, I'm launching a new course called Marketing Makeover in a Weekend. This course delves into using Human Design to enhance your marketing strategies, understand your Public Role, and connect with your niche effectively. We're offering a special opportunity to join as a Founding Student at a 50% discount, with the first modules dropping on Tuesday, June 4th.

Join us as a Founding Student!

In this course, we'll cover:

  • The 12 Public Roles and their impact on your marketing.
  • Your Life’s Work, called Incarnation Cross in Human Design & mission.
  • How to create content that resonates with your audience.
  • Practical strategies to become magnetic in your marketing.

Additionally, you'll get bonuses like live coaching and Q&A sessions with me, Human Design software tutorials & free report, and my popular Profitable Podcast Masterclass on profitable podcasting.

Facebook ads can be incredibly powerful, but their success hinges on understanding how people need to experience you. By aligning your ads with your Public Role, you can significantly improve their effectiveness and grow your business more efficiently. If you're ready to explore this deeper, join us in the Marketing Makeover in a Weekend course. It might just be the best investment you make for your business.

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I look forward to helping you unlock your next level of business growth through Human Design!

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