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how to use human design for marketing and sales Today, I want to share some exciting insights that I've gained over the past two years using Human Design for Business with my clients and myself. I just finished an amazing coaching call and felt compelled to share these revelations, especially if you fall into one of these categories:

  1. You’re studying Human Design but unsure of its impact.
  2. You haven’t started exploring Human Design yet.
  3. Even if you love Human Design and are experiencing shifts, this is for you too.

Here's what I've learned: truly studying your Human Design can lead to profound self-discovery. When you look at your Bodygraph, you see your gifts, talents, strengths, and your purpose. Understanding this can lead to significant financial and personal growth because it creates a frequency shift in your body.

Frequency is the Secret

Let me explain what I mean by frequency. Back in 2019, I felt like an imposter at a women entrepreneurs’ retreat. Fast forward to 2024, my frequency has completely changed. Just like we all have different resting metabolic rates, we also have different resting frequencies that influence our attitudes and how we attract or repel people.

For example, Drew Barrymore has a high, vibrant frequency, while someone with a low frequency might feel like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Your frequency affects how people perceive and respond to you. Human Design can help you shift to a higher frequency, especially when combined with the Gene Keys for deeper work.

Many entrepreneurs focus on tactics—how to do Instagram, write email sequences, or market effectively. While these strategies can work, they don't work for everyone. I remember investing in a program on using DMs for sales, but it didn’t resonate with my frequency. Knowing my Human Design could have saved me time and money by focusing on strategies that align with my energy.

When you understand your Human Design, you focus on tactics that suit you, which saves money and boosts confidence. This deepening of self-awareness leads to conviction—a strong belief in yourself and your impact. Confidence and conviction increase your frequency, making you a magnet for success.

I've seen this transformation in my clients. One client recently doubled her investment by aligning her frequency with her actions. Personally, I’ve had one of my highest revenue periods while doing less but showing up with more confidence and conviction.

The Future of Marketing

I believe the future of marketing lies in owning who we are rather than following overdone tactics. It's about being first, then doing, and finally having. This concept, Be-Do-Have, changed my life and perspective, highlighting the importance of self-image and who we need to be to achieve our goals.

Through my work with Human Design, I’ve helped clients see their strengths and overcome limiting beliefs. Understanding their Bodygraph has given them confidence and clarity, transforming their self-perception and success.

You're Invited — Your Bodygraph in Business

Human Design for Business Workshop My next free two hour workshop, Your Bodygraph in Business will be on July 9th, and you’re invited! What I want to show you is how you can learn and study your Bodygraph, what's in the Bodygraph that you can leverage in your marketing, in your sales, and in your offers. But, more importantly, to go so deep in your confidence! First you’ll gain so much clarity, then your confidence will increase dramatically. You do that through conviction. You get so convicted that your confidence just goes through the roof. That's how you create magnetic marketing. Magnetic marketing is not just good copy. You can't just go hire a copywriter and ask them to create incredible copy that becomes a magnet. It is your frequency backing it. That's everything. I promise you.

That's going to only become more and more important as we go into this new era of no more online gurus, no more online experts. Now, this is the time of the individual becoming empowered from the inside out. That's who's going to win. You become empowered from the inside out when you know you.

That's what I'm going to show you in your Bodygraph! Join us on July 9th at julieciardi.com/bodygraph

See you there, and let’s uncover the gifts within you!

Can’t make it live to the workshop? Register at the link above and we’ll send you the replay!

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