505 | Big Announcement! The Format of My Podcast is Changing

podcast artwork I am so excited to be sharing a huge announcement about my podcast, Brand, and this blog! I have decided to change the format of my podcast and these blog posts and I’m pumped to test drive this with all of you. Moving forward, every Monday I will be interviewing a woman who has created a successful brand business. She's going to come on my podcast, and she's going to share her story of how she built her brand.

What we're going to be doing is we're going to be talking about not only how she built her brand and the journey to building her brand, but really sharing things like what marketing and sales strategies have worked well for her and what she has learned. I'm also going to be asking these female entrepreneurs, when they look back from the start of their journey to now, what's changed? What that version of them then was like and what they've learned over the course of their journey. I’m also going to ask them for any advice that they have for those listening that are building brands. Then we’ll dig into what’s next for them. What's the vision that they have for their brand moving forward?

Then, after the Monday episode, I'm going to do a follow up solo episode the following Thursday. So Monday's interview with an amazing female entrepreneur, and on Thursdays I will do a solo episode talking about their Human Design. What I want you to start to see and what I want to be able to teach is that when someone is truly embodying and living their design, especially their brand type, you can really hear it and see it in their story, in their voice, and in what they're sharing. I think this is going to be a lot of fun. You'll get to learn and understand Human Design a bit more as it pertains to business, but also getting some incredible wisdom, insights, and inspiration from these female entrepreneurs.

Listen to the Corresponding Podcast Episode:

I'd Love to Hear from You!

woman sitting on the floor up against the wall So many of you are either new to Human Design, and you are new to Human Design for business. Let us know the questions that you have as it pertains to Human Design. If there are female entrepreneurs that you would love to recommend for the podcast that have businesses that they can show the story, and be able to teach others how they got to where they've gotten to and building their brand.

When we are truly living our design and our message is coming out of us like a lighthouse and it's so clear and we are convicted in what we're here to say, and we take a stand, we create our own movement. You're going to stick with that message. What's fascinating is, if I go back to the first several episodes of my podcast when it was called Divorced Mommy, I was talking about so many of the same things that I talk about right now. Now, I've grown and I've shifted. I think my voice has gotten more powerful and more focused, but I'm telling you, it was the same messages that I was saying back then that I share now. It's only evolved.

Send Me Your Guest Recommendations

I am excited about this new format. I cannot wait to share it with you. If you have any questions, or anyone that you would like to nominate to be on the show or refer to the show, please do let me know.

Email us at support@julieciardi.com

I hope that this post brought you clarity in building your personal brand. Why is that important? Because as a coach or a consultant, you are the product. You are the brand. If you want to work directly with me on your brand or perhaps you want to explore Human Design, the Gene Keys and your unique profile, you can find it all at www.igniteherbrand.com. Build your brand, grow your business.



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