Celebrating 200 | 2021 Your Path to Freedom

AHH!! I can’t believe we are celebrating the 200th episode of the podcast! Thank you so much for listening. I’m so glad that you are here!


Today is the first day of the new year and I wanted to make some fun announcements! Did you notice a change in the podcast name? The podcast is now called IGNITE Hustle podcast. In this episode, I talk to you about the changes to the podcast, how the podcast and my business has evolved, and why the podcast name changed. I want to help IGNITE your excitement about your business and help you love what you do so that you don’t mind the hustle. 


Stick around until the end of the episode where I chat with you more about my new membership, the IGNITE Hustle Club. My goal has always been to help women create freedom and I want to help you create freedom, however that might look for you. This new membership can help you get there!


I cannot wait to see what the new year brings!! 


More Info:

Link to the new membership offer – The IGNITE Hustle Club

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I am a former Fortune 50 executive (20 years in the corporate world!) and I finally answered my soul’s calling and started my own business in 2017. I am a mom of 3 and married to a retired first responder. I am on a mission to help women create income aligned with their life’s work. I would love to help YOU.