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Lindsey Schwartz Career Type, Brand Type and Public Role Today I am going to break down Lindsey Schwartz. Her brand, who she truly is designed to be and how that is coming through in her Bodygraph, in her Human Design.

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When I was talking with her, I was geeking out because of the words she was saying and how in alignment she is to fulfilling her purpose, which as we talked about in Monday's episode, is a lifelong endeavor. She's just getting started and I'm excited to watch her.

I’m going to start with what I always think are the two straightforward areas of the Bodygraph of Human Design that we can talk about when it relates to business. We're going to talk about her Career Type and her Brand Type. First and foremost, Lindsey is a classic builder or generator. She is here to do work that she loves. She is a 2/4 Brand Type which is the Natural Influencer. That’s also my Brand Type, so I can very much relate to her. The 2 line is all about really being a natural at something. A lot of times, someone that has a Second Line Personality, they really don't know what their natural gifts are because they just think everyone else is good at it too.

But in reality, it isn't as easy for others to do what it is that you're doing. I can see that with Lindsey when it comes to community. She has been building a community for quite some time. You heard her say in the podcast episode from Monday, that community was always going to be front and center, and you can hear it even as she talked about potentially where her brand and her business are going, that community comes first. I just love that because she is a natural at community. I can remember her mentioning to me that a lot of people asked her about how she created her community, and she was wanting her to teach them, and of course she could teach them how to create community, but there's something about her actual energy and essence as being a Second Line. It's just natural.

The fourth line is all about community and heart to heart connection with the community. So, being a 2/4, and being so passionate about community makes a lot of sense with her design. Now, what can happen for a 2/4, is that the Second Line can sometimes want to hermit away in our cave, and that is in exact opposite of being with community. As a fellow 2/4, I can totally relate to this. It's about finding that balance. The second line needs to take some time alone to regenerate and to have time to focus on their creativity and passions.

To be able to passionately share with their community is all about the fourth line. Now, the fourth line also needs time alone as well. Sometimes the fourth line doesn't listen to its inner authority with wanting that time alone and needing that time. We can get people fatigue in the fourth line. I just love listening to Lindsey's story, she has been working on and digging in deeper around her Human Design and really listening to her inner authority.

I think she's such a beautiful example of a 2/4. She's passionately sharing to her network on the podcast, but the podcast still gives that 2/4 a little bit of space because it's a one to many speaking and sharing. Then, having key events throughout the year so that when she's in the mood and is wanting to be with the community, can really put her energy into being that person that really cares, that connects at the heart to heart level.

The second line is very discerning. The second line knows what it wants and what it doesn't want, and that's really powerful. Sometimes it could be seen as negative like, well wait, how do you know this is the right thing? If you're not letting your mind get in the way and you're just letting your inner authority shine, the second line will be very happy.

Decision Making Strategy

Now, what is her decision making strategy? She has a completely open emotional intelligence center, so she doesn't need to wait for clarity or for emotional waves to die down. She is a classic builder. She can respond and follow her gut. She can trust the feeling in her body of a yes or a no. She doesn't need to wait for that emotional wave to pass, so she can really trust her gut as long as the mind is not making decisions.

Now, another thing I wanted to share with you is that she very much has a really great partnership in her business of Powerhouse Women because Hannah, her business partner, is an advisor, also known as a projector. Advisors and builders are matches made in heaven, potentially. There's reasons why it wouldn't work out, but from a type standpoint, it’s so powerful because an advisor is meant to work with a builder and a builder is meant to be advised and guided by an advisor. That is a gift to have that kind of relationship between an advisor and builder. They can really get a lot done.

Lindsey's Centers

Out of the nine centers, Lindsey has three defined three. As a reminder, where we are defined is who we be. It is the energy that people feel. It's what we are broadcasting. Where we are undefined is where we are receptive to others. Lindsey has a completely open Head/Inspiration Center and a completely open Emotional Intelligence Center. When centers are wide open, there's nothing personal in there, which means you're super receptive. So yes, you could be conditioned there, but if you are operating correctly, you are really attuned to others and what they're thinking and feeling. The thing I will tell you about Lindsey, and especially meeting her in person, she cares and she really listens. She really receives what you're saying. And in looking at her design, I can really see how that is the case.

Where she is defined is in her Survival Instinct Center, her Energy Center and her Drive and Stamina. That is what people can really feel from her and what's coming from her. So let's talk about what defines those centers – her Strengths.

Lindsey's Strengths

One of the strengths that she has is the channel of judgment, the strength of judgment, the 18-58. It's a design of insatiability, and in part of that channel is part of her Life's Work. The 18 is her Radiance in her Gene Keys Profile which is the core essence on her unconscious side. The 18 is all about the intuition to restore, to correct, and to challenge. On the other end of that channel, she has her most important Gene Key trait, her Life’s Work, which is the 58. That is all about vitality, aliveness, and joy. She exudes that. It’s so beautiful to see the fact that her core essence, her personality sun in traditional Human Design, is truly about aliveness, joy, and vitality, which I can totally feel from her. This is the energy that she is giving off.

Another one of her strengths is the 9-52, which is a format strength. She's got the Gene Key 9 three times in her design. The 52 is also part of her core four. It's part of her Life's Work. It is her Evolution. The 9-52, I happen to have that myself, so I know what that's about. It's like this extreme focus and this total ability to zero in and focus. It's all about concentration. It's such an important strength of being able to get things done. She can really get things done when she's in concentration, when it's something she's interested in and passionate about and lights her up.

Her final strength that she has in terms of what's defining her defined centers is the 28-38 which is all about tenaciousness, the design of stubbornness. It's this idea of fighting for what's right. The 38 is all about being the fighter, but fighting for what you believe in and really being able to stick with something. The stubbornness in a good way, especially in business to stick with something.

When you think about those strengths that I just mentioned, you heard her talking about it. She is so focused. She really wants to bring that joy and vitality into what she's doing and to help challenge what's not working and to correct what's not working. She sees where there's opportunity to do something better with that 18-58, and bringing those two together is really powerful.

Now, let's talk about the one of her Core Four that's in an undefined center. She has the 17 as her Purpose, as her Unconscious Grounding in the Conceptualization Center. She has four of the six traits. They're activated, but they're dormant because they're in an undefined space. So, she really needs others to help to light that up. It's not consistent. It's where she's learning. It's where she's going to the school of life. So, one of her important life lessons of learning that she can then help others with is that 17. The 17 is all about insight.

Just as a reminder, when we think of our head, our mind, it's really two different centers. We've got the Inspiration, questioning, pondering, where doubt and confusion can go. Then we've got the other area which is called the Conceptualization Center. It's called the Ajna in traditional Human Design. I love the word conceptualization. It's where you take the thinking and actually pull it together into ideas, answers and insight. It's really where all of that comes through and then comes out to the communication center. So, she has a lot of life aspects in there, but it's not a defined center.

But, the 17 is her Purpose. It's a really important Gene Key, and it's sitting there in the undefined Conceptualization Center. The 17 is all about insight, but it's about insight in the form of opinions. So, in following things that she might question. It's getting this opinion that she's conceptualizing, pulling together this opinion, this insight, and potentially being able to vocalize that. There could be a lot of mental opinions that come through the 17, so this is where the more work she has done to operate correctly, she can see is it the mind that has opinions of how something should be.

Incarnation Cross

I want to pull up Lindsey’s Life's Work Theme. In traditional Human Design, it's called your Incarnation Cross. In BG Five for Business, it's more about your Life's Work, which I love. It's this idea that we have a theme to our life work and the life work is your Core Four. It is the top four numbers in your Bodygraph. The top two on the right and the top two on the left, they make up 70% of who you be. They're really important to understand.

It's why in Her Design School™, we go deep on those four. It's so key to understand those four. This is why we bring the Gene Keys in, because we use the Gene Keys to study. We use the Gene Keys to go deeper in the Bodygraph.

The Core Four is also what makes up your Brand Type, also known as Profile and Human Design. If you're looking at Lindsey's, she's a 58.2, 52.2, 18.4 and 17.4. Those are her Core Four. That's where we pull the 2/4 from the Natural Influencer which is her role she must play to manifest her Life's Work. To manifest her Purpose. Her purpose is service, and it's about transformation. I don't know if you heard, but she talked about transformation quite a bit in that episode on Monday. Again, because she's been doing work on herself for years, she knows it has to be transforming herself first.

Lindsey has a Personal Focus to her Life's Work as a 2/4. She really is here to have transformation, to focus on self exploration, to focus on facing her own personal challenges, and doing research and exploring, and gaining new perspectives. She said it in the interview at one point that when she stopped growing and got too comfortable, she was only doing 60-70% of what she was capable of and she wasn’t challenged. That’s because she wasn't living her Life's Work Theme. It's about transformation. She's meant to fulfill her purpose through transformation, through change, growth, transforming things herself, others, finding purpose in being human and fully living life. That's her purpose. That's her Life's Work.

Life's Work Theme

Lindsey’s Life's Work Theme is Service. Her joy in the wonder of life fuels her focus on challenging the norm and perfecting the logic process through ideas and forms that serve society. When you think of forms, you think of the communities she's created. Trait 58 is the number one of her Core Four. It is her Life's Work Gene Key. It is her Conscious Sun. It is her core essence in BG Five language. It is vitality. By bringing a joyful vitality and compassionate audacity, she can excel at challenging patterns that don't work. She also can provide the fuel to test the viability of formulas and directions that are moving us into the future. The pleasure she derives from sharing her application of the beauty, the wonder and the zest that she has for her work and for life naturally attracts and delights others.

Did you not hear her talk about this when she talked about sales and marketing and what's worked? It's basically that paragraph. That's her Life's Work Theme. She talked about when she just could show up naturally talking about the beauty, the wonder, the zest, what she was passionate about, that she would naturally attract and delight others. That's written right here. Isn't that so cool? I just literally get obsessed with this, and it gives me a big smile on my face to see how powerful this truly can be for us to understand our design.


I want to share a couple of other key things. We have what's called General Thematics in Human Design for business. It's called Circuitry in Human Design traditionally, but think of it as energy. When someone's in your presence, they can feel something. They can feel our Life's Work. They can feel like how we can help them, or if we attracted to them or not. Especially our frequency. If we're not operating at our highest self, trust me, people are not going to want to work with us.

But, when we have a high frequency, the right people that are meant for us will be attracted to us. Lindsey’s Thematics are around empowerment and sharing. She is here to empower herself and others. Her brand is Powerhouse Women. That's pretty empowering, right? I think she said a couple things along the lines of, “I know I'm meant to make a lot of money. I know I'm meant for big things.” She is empowered. She must be in order to empower others. So, she has done that work. She's really empowered herself and she also is here to share with the collective. She has individual empowerment, sharing with the collective and specifically sharing her logic. And again, if you're looking at her design, you will see she has a lot of life aspects in her conceptualization center that she's learning through life.

What insights, ideas, and opinions she is going to share with the collective, that logic, that knowledge. It's just so beautiful. I just absolutely geek out when I look at these designs and I'm able to totally see the design behind the brand. It's so exciting.

This was such a joy and pleasure. If you ever have the opportunity to be in Lindsey's presence, I think you would feel a lot of what I just shared. She just has this joy that emanates from her, and it's infectious.That's the 2/4. When Lindsey continues to follow her inner guidance, follows what lights her up, follows what comes easy and natural for her, and shows up to share it passionately with the collective and with her community, she will be incredibly influential as she's been.

How to Go Deeper on Your Human Design!

If you want to go deeper in your brand marketing, niche, messaging, sales copy, you name it, Her Design School™ is the perfect place for you because I want you to learn about you. I want you to go to the school of you. That's what Her Design School™ is all about. It is meant to be something you can add on to any other thing you're already doing. We priced it that way. It is so inexpensive. It is a way to be able to bring learning about you into whatever it is you're already doing.

Maybe you're in a mastermind. Maybe you're already working with a coach. Maybe you are studying a specific sales and marketing strategy from someone. That’s Great! All of that will be enhanced when you understand your Bodygraph, your design, and how to operate correctly so that all of those things can actually create the results that you desire.

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About Lindsey

Lindsey Schwartz is an author, investor, master community builder, and the founder of Powerhouse Women. Fiercely committed to supporting other women, Lindsey invests her time in mentoring women and girls of all ages—from high achieving entrepreneurs to high school students.

After seeing numerous women in her life stop short of pursuing their own entrepreneurial dreams because of fear and self-doubt, she saw the need for more honest conversations about the ups & downs of entrepreneurship in order to show women that they don’t have to have it all together to get started. From there, the Powerhouse Women community, annual event, and podcast were born, with the motto that we're not meant to do business (or life) alone!

You can follow her on Socials, visit her website, and check out her podcast below!





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