How to Create a Drool Worthy Free Offer

Podcast Artwork Let's talk about free offers and freebies. Before I get into what's changing, let's all remind ourselves what they're for. Over the last 10 years we have seen freebies like checklists, step-by-step guides, and different things that help you to learn a lot of “how to.” They can be so many different things, but it's changing dramatically as we move into the world of AI and also a market that is pretty darn used to the freebie. I want to ask you right now, what was the last thing you opted in for? Really think about this. What was the last thing you gave your email for from an ad or from hearing something on someone's podcast? For me, I've seen a massive shift.

It's not often that I am giving my email for something. I've gotten much more discerning, and so have most people. Now, that free offer needs to be drool worthy. It's like, “I have to have that” rather than, “oh, that's interesting.” We're just not biting the way we used to on the different ads, podcast episodes, and things like that with a free offer. The whole point of a free offer is that you're able to give something valuable to someone who is a potential prospective client, but they don't really know you.

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How List Building is Changing

Your free offer is a way for prospective clients to get to know you, what you offer, learn something from you, get some value from you, and of course they're now getting on your email list. Then you can nurture them with an email sequence, your podcast, however it is. Maybe you're doing some live events and you're bringing them into that. That's how this has worked for a long time. List building strategies have been taught for over a decade now, and that's all fine and good and it's still super important, but it's changed dramatically. Let's start with first the concept of list building. I know so many people like gurus that basically teach list build, list build, list build. The name of the game is to have as many people on your list as possible, that your net worth is in your list, the money is in your list. I even have heard people talk about that for every person that you have on your list equates to a certain dollar amount, and that list is so critical. But, then those same gurus will say that you can expect that only 2%-3% of your list will ever buy from you.

The insanity of that narrative is ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense to me. At the same time, it makes perfect sense of why the results are those results. I would rather have 500 of my exact prospective clients on an email list than 5,000 of mostly not my people. If you had 500 people on your list and you were offering them exactly what they wanted or needed, you better believe you're going to have way more than 2% to 3% converting.

List building is not a numbers game. It used to be a numbers game, but it's not a numbers game anymore. It's not a numbers game of how many followers. It's not a numbers game of how many people on your list. It is a numbers game in terms of how many clients actually decide to work with you and pay you. The name of the game is finding your exact perfect dream clients, giving them exactly what they desire, and then literally drooling over the next thing you're going to say, do, and create. That's the name of the game.

How to Create a Drool Worthy Free Offer

woman sitting in chair reading human design book Therefore, if that's kind of the undercurrent of what's shifting, you better believe the freebie itself has to shift. Now, your free offer has to land so spot on for your dream client. Not anybody, not just any warm body, but your person. It has to be so differentiated against anything else that's out there that they have to have your free offer. That's just not something that we've been thinking about. People are getting smarter and they're not going to stop the scroll and give you their email for anything less than something that's drool worthy.

The ultimate free offer has changed, and that is something that I want to help teach you. I have a free masterclass coming up where we're going to be talking about this. I'm going to actually be teaching you how to create drool worthy free offers. It is wildly different from anything that we've seen over the last 10 years. We want to create opt-ins and free offers that are so good we could charge for them, but we won't because we want them to be so drool worthy that for our exact client that they're like, give it to me. They really want your free offer. That's where we want to bring people, and it's going to have a different look and feel than what we've seen in the past of being a singular PDF, for example. I'm not saying those are going to go completely away, but I'm going to teach you and show you some ways to make sure that even if your free offer is a pretty drool worthy PDF of how to layer on top of that so that it's a no-brainer, grand slam free offer.

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I think about Alex Hormozi and his book, $100 Million Offers, and he talks about in that book, the whole concept of the Grand Slam Offer, that home run offer. He was talking about the paid offer. I want you to take that same mentality for your free offer. That your free offer is so good, and you take the same principles that he teaches on a paid offer and you put it into your free offer. That's what we're going to be talking about on January 29th.

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What Do You Put in Your Free Offer?

It's a five day masterclass, but one of the areas is around this freebie, this free offer. Now, I'm going to teach you structurally and teach you some really cool concepts with it. But here's the thing, only you can know what’s going to be in it. Only you can create the actual differentiated content. That's where Human Design comes in because how to create these new drool worthy offers is one thing, but what is in it is going to be massively differentiated to you.

If you're interested in changing the game when it comes to your free offer, this is going to be a really powerful free masterclass to participate in.

What Happens After Your Free Offer?

woman sitting at table reading notes There are a couple of other things I want to leave you with on your free offer that are really important. You want to understand what the paid offer is, or what the call to action is coming off of that freebie. If your drool worthy freebie is to bring someone into a consult with you, then your free offer absolutely must get them to go to that drool worthiness over your consult. So, whatever's in the free offer literally has to leave them hanging in a good way, of like, “oh my God, I've got to meet with this woman. I've got to book a consult.” This is imperative. That's what you want to make sure you don't want the free offer to, in no way actually create the drool worthy call to action of getting into a consult with you. So remember that it is really important.

If your call to action is a paid offer that you have, maybe you have a course or it's a direct link to start to work with you. Again, it's the same thing. You've got to make sure that the free offer tease them in a way where your paid stuff, your paid offer is the drool worthy thing. They have to have that next. For example, I like to be very transparent. When I do the masterclass the week of January 29th where I'm going to be showing you how to create thought leadership, how to step into being a leader in your industry to differentiate yourself, how to create drool worthy opt-ins, etc., I'm going to show you how Human Design can be the catalyst for all of that. Then I'm going to of course bring you into the next invitation with me.

My free offer is this free event next week. That's my free offer. In that free offer, I'm going to help show you why Human Design is that differentiator and how you can tap into your unique design to become a category one, to be your own niche and really step out in a big, bold way to become a sought after leader in your industry. I can help you to do that by working with me, and I'll share the ways to work with me.

That's the thing you need to be thinking about. The free offer has to be drool worthy, and then after they consume the free offer, it absolutely ties so perfectly that the next step is a drool worthy paid offer. This is going to really change the game out there, and I know you've probably been witnessing it yourself. I mean, if you just think about what's the last thing you opted into, that'll probably give you a good reflection of your own discerning habits now, of what you are going to choose to bring into your email, and what you are going to give your email for.

The Designed to Lead Masterclass

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