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podcast cover art - think and grow rich and human design Today I'm going to be talking about what the difference in my personal growth and development has been since studying books like Think and Grow Rich and studying with Bob Proctor to now being in a really incredible certification process. It's a multi-year process of getting certified in Human Design for Business, having already been certified in the Gene Keys. I'm going to do a compare and contrast on how the specificity of using Human Design and the Gene Keys can literally take the learnings and the lessons from a book like Think and Grow Rich and absolutely magnetize it.

I believe that the world has been given information that honestly is channeled from source, from God, from the universe, from whatever it is that you believe, that comes through different humans to bring to the public, to society at different times when it's needed. If you think back across human history, as things have evolved, as we have evolved, so too has information as it pertains to personal growth and development. We've been in a massive shift over the last 400 years to the era of the individual and the individual needing to take full self-responsibility for themselves. I mean that in a really great way.

It doesn't mean everyone has all of a sudden become selfish and doesn't care about anyone else. No, we actually are so much better with one another in relationships and in serving the whole when we are better ourselves.

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A Brief History Lesson

woman standing holding a book with the cover open Through the course of history, we've seen the evolution of what was created and provided. I think back to Plato, Socrates and Confucius and what they shared, and what is shared in the different religions. I also think about Think and Grow Rich. When that book was written, it was the early 1900s, the start of the Industrial Revolution. I want you to think about how much life has changed in literally 124 years. If we go from 1900 to today, that is a teeny tiny blip in the 300,000 years that humans have been on the planet. However, in that blip has been the biggest technological scientific discoveries ever, and it just keeps quantum leaping forward.

I really think that when Napoleon Hill was writing Thinking Grow Rich, it was during a time of many other new thought era authors. He wasn't the only one. There are many from that time. Some of the ones that I love are Florence Shin, Napoleon Hill, Charles Al Genevieve, etc. They were all writing about the idea that we are thinking beings, and we have the ability through our thoughts and our feelings and our actions to actually create the life we desire. That all started in the early 1900s, which is incredible. It's funny because it's kind of like that all started, and then it took a big backseat. Then, there was a resurgence when people like Bob Proctor and Earl Nightingale really took off. We've got to remember major world wars happened in between from when Napoleon Hill wrote Thinking Grow Rich, and then when people like Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, and Jim Rohn came on the scene and really started the personal development industry as we know it.

They are the ones that started all of this and took the foundation of what Napoleon Hill wrote and what other authors of that time wrote to bring it to the masses and put their spin on it. The great Tony Robbins was a student of Jim Rohn. It's all been passed on, if you will. Napoleon Hill passed it to Earl Nightingale, Earl Nightingale passed it to Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn passed it to Tony Robbins, and then it’s filtered to all of us. That's how this has worked. But, at that same time, around the 1980s or so, there also became a need to go deeper. I can create the life that I want. I can create a desire and a goal, with enough focus and visioning, I can make it happen. It’s been incredible, but there’s been a somewhat missing piece.

A Missing Piece

What about me as an individual? What makes me unique in what I'm meant to create? What are my pitfalls? What are my specific paradigms that are holding me back from being able to create this life that I desire? When you look at Think and Grow Rich, when you look at the teachings of Bob Proctor, which are incredible, even when you look at my own signature course BEcoming Her is the Secret, it's generic. It's a high level process view of how things work, but how you work as an individual is very different from the person next to you.

Bob Proctor would always talk about the paradigms, and he would always talk about the Knowing Doing Gap and about self-image and how we can’t outperform our self-image. But, what is the root cause of the negative? What is the root cause of the Knowing Doing Gap? That's going to be unique to all of us. I went on a hunt to try to help myself, try to help my clients to go deeper. How do we diagnose your Knowing Doing Gap? That's when the Gene Keys and Human Design came into my world.

I believe that Human Design and the Gene Keys are just now going to be a key differentiator in the personal development and coaching space. I'm calling it here. It's huge. Whether it's for your career or for your business, or quite frankly, for anything you desire in your life, knowing who you are and how you are specifically designed is everything. When I think about Think and Grow Rich, and the idea of having a desire, then building faith, then building up your subconscious with autosuggestion, and using your imagination to kind of fuel the process to then taking action, making decisions, and having persistence, they are all incredible. But, when you can go deeper and understand:

  • What am I here to do?
  • What is unique about me?
  • What is that specialization?
  • What is it that I have the energy to do?

That’s what Human Design and the Gene Keys have the power to do.

Seeing Yourself from the Inside Out

how to grow a coaching businessWhen I look at my Human Design Body Graph now, I see me. I see where my strengths are. I see where my potential is. I also see where I've gained a lot of wisdom. I see where I have so much more wisdom to be gained. That's powerful. For me, the last year and a half or so has been a quantum leap in who I BE because of Human Design and the Gene Keys. That’s so powerful.

I would say that the biggest challenge I see with most entrepreneurial women especially, or even women working in corporate that have big goals and dreams is they're really smart, but holding themselves back because of lack of confidence or some type of fear.

What if I told you that lack of confidence is so generic, so general, that underneath that there could be many, many, many reasons why we are lacking that confidence, and they're going to be very different from one person to the next. Lack of confidence can come about from various components of inside your Human Design. Wouldn't it be great to know specifically what? It’s the same thing with fear. It’s the same thing with riding an emotional rollercoaster and making the wrong decisions because of all your emotions, or being so distracted by shiny object syndrome. We can often see the root cause of these things in your Human Design. We can see where self-doubt comes through. With that, we can get much more prescriptive on what it is to do with that.

Here are six aspects that I'm just obsessed with learning for myself from my Human Design for Business, and then working with my clients to do the same.


So using Human Design and the Gene Keys, we look at type. What energetic type are you? We're not all built the same. It's this energetic type that affects how you work, who you work with, how your energy works to know if you're in the right setting or not. From a career or business standpoint, that's huge. It’s about how you are meant to interact with others.

The Pubic Role

Another huge piece is what's called the public role. I like to call it your Personal Brand Type. There are 12 of them. Do you know yours?

Life's Work

Another one that we can look at is your Life's Work. There are 192 possibilities of Life's Work. If you study Human Design it’s your Incarnation Cross and if you’re familiar with the Gene Keys, it’s your Activation Sequence. There is so much depth there, and it is so incredible because when you start to really understand your Life's Work, your confidence and your courage literally get catapulted forward.

This is all about creating more clarity and more confidence so that you can have the courage to take action.

Work Theme

We also look at your Work Theme. There are three major themes. Are you here to empower others? Are you here to share with the collective? Are you here to support the tribe? Is it a combination of some type of those three? This is all really powerful stuff to know.


What are your strengths? What makes you unique? What do you have the innate energy within you to create and to do? These strengths are incredible. There are 36 different strengths, and you can have all sorts of possibilities of which combinations you have.

Cycles of Life

The final one that I am obsessed with, especially for those of us that are in our 40s and turning 50, or have already turned 50, is these different cycles of life. We hit one when we're 30, we hit one when we're about 40 and we hit one when we're about 50. There are things that happen that we can see in your Human Design. I like to pull it back to being about wisdom. It's about gaining wisdom through people that you encounter and information that you're consuming that help you step into your full Life's Work, your full manifestation, if you will, of your purpose.

The Shift is Happening – The New Era of Coaching

woman looking at iphone All of this information is so powerful when it comes to achieving your goals, and that’s not even all of it. That's just giving you a glimpse into what is possible in Human Design, and why I am obsessed with it. I think that this is all part of the evolution from Napoleon Hill with Think and Grow Rich to Bob Proctor and Thinking into Results, and people like Tony Robbins into coaching as we know it today. Where I see things shifting is that now the next frontier is going deeper. Being able to go underneath the surface and have precision coaching based by design.

That's where I see things going, and I am so thrilled to be a part of it. I really would love to invite you to get my free ebook and my three part private podcast called The New Era of Coaching.

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I go deeper in the shifts that are happening. This personalization and idea of coaching by design. When I say coach by design I mean self-coach by design and getting coached by design. It's both. You’ve got to know how to do it for yourself. Then, if you are a coach, how can you start to bring this into your clients?

Grab the ebook and three part series, here.

If you are open to taking coaching and personal development to the next level, beyond just the books and the generic courses, When I use the word generic, please don't think I am belittling anything or saying something wasn't good. Not at all. It was perfect for its time and still perfect as an overarching framework. Just like my BEcoming Her is the Secret. It's an overarching framework, but now we’ve got to go deeper. That's where things are going.

It’s the era of the individual. It's what I am doing for myself and with my clients, and it's opening the doors of growth at a level that I've never seen before. Clients that have been with me for years, but haven't taken action, are starting to see massive shifts from being able to understand their design.

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