397 | Your Path to Breakthrough – Persistent Pursuit of Your Higher Self

woman standing and working on computer - using gene keys to grow your businessI want to talk about getting to a breakthrough in your business, or quite frankly, even in your life. You definitely are here to up level. If you're like me, it can get a little frustrating because we desire to go faster than our results are reflecting. We often see people seemingly getting there faster and easier than us. This often lends us to have the thoughts like, “Oh, must be nice,” or “Oh, I wish I could have that kind of success.” I want to share with you that there is no such thing as overnight success. Whoever you're seeing online and wishing that's what you had, I promise you they didn't get there overnight.

There is no such thing as overnight success, but there are overnight breakthroughs and they are incredible. Overnight breakthroughs come from being persistently focused on your goal and dream, and not letting up, even when your current results and all signs point to it not working out. I want to share a few stories about this because sometimes we forget how far we've come. We're so wanting that next big thing that we forget how far we have actually come when we first had the big goal and dream in mind.

I typically share about my business journey of having a maniacal focus on my dream for my business for 18 months. I had already left a very high paying job at IBM, I was trying to grow my business that was not making any money for the first 18 months. It was really hard and challenging, but I never let go of the dream.

My overnight breakthrough came in early 2020. I had left IBM in June of 2018, and I held the course all the way through to the beginning of 2020. Those 18 months felt more like four years. It was a long, challenging road. It was a big time challenge when it came to my marriage. It was also really challenging for me in a sense that I wanted my business to work, but I didn’t have a lot of evidence that it was going to. I did believe in myself, but I wasn’t seeing the results at first.

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woman sitting at a desk talking into microphone - gene keys to help business growthBeing on a Persistent Pursuit

Today, I want to share a different story. I want to talk about what happens when you're on the persistent pursuit of your purpose, or the persistent pursuit of another goal. Maybe it's the persistent pursuit of a health goal, the persistent pursuit of your higher self, persistent pursuit of your marriage, the persistent pursuit of whatever NOW Goal you might have, and what happens when you stay the course, no matter what the evidence otherwise shows you.

Here is an example for me. Faith, fitness and finances, three Fs, were something that I was really struggling with when I left IBM in 2018. There is so much I want to say about faith and how I recently had a huge overnight breakthrough in that area, so I’m going to save that for another blog post at a later day. We’ll start with the finance piece. As I mentioned above, in 2018 it was at a time when I wasn't really making any money in my business. I had left a very high paying job, and it was so hard and challenging to have the faith that I was going to eventually make the money I needed to make.

That pressure impacted my fitness and my health because every waking minute I had, I spent on trying to grow my business. That was really challenging for me because I sacrificed moving my body to always work on my business. I would set goals like walking every day or going to the gym, but I wouldn’t stick with it. That lack of self integrity bothered me so much. It was a solid two years that I was in the persistent pursuit of developing a habit to have better health and fitness while growing my business. In fact, it was two years ago this very week that I was in Nashville at our very first IGNITE Her client retreat.

When I'm with my clients, when I'm on stage, when I'm working with people, I really give my absolute all. And, I had been giving my all for three days and when I came home, I was exhausted. I mean, exhausted for a solid week after. That's when I had my overnight breakthrough.

Should Goals Don't Work

You see, I was trying to change my behavior and work out or walk or run or whatever it was going to be. I thought I SHOULD be doing those things. Should is the key word here. And, I don’t know about you, but any time I have a “should goal,” I self-sabotage. I won't do it. However, after the first IGNITE Her Retreat, it was the first time that moving my body became an absolute must for my business to grow. In order for my business to grow, to have the impact that I wanted to have, you better believe I had to get into better shape.

I couldn't go speak on stages, travel, and give the energy I wanted to be able to give to my clients if I didn't have the energy inside of myself. So, after that first IGNITE Her Retreat, I came home and had that realization that I started the process of walking every day. I started slow. I would do this loop near my house, and I was walking about a mile and a half to two miles. Not because I couldn't do more physically. I could totally do more. I didn't have time. That was always the story I told myself. I would do that quick loop and then I would go back to work.

Your Goals Must Be in Alignment with Your Purpose

That was two years ago. Because I persistently pursued being that version of myself, stepping into that higher self, that future self, I've lost 22lbs. Twenty-two pounds from creating a habit, not out of should, but out of a deep desire to support a big goal and dream. To support my assignment and my purpose on this planet. When you create goals that are aligned to helping you fulfill your purpose, you start to do them.

The point that I want to share is that I didn't give up on the desire to figure it out. When I tell you how frustrated I was for two years trying to get back into a health and fitness habit of moving my body, and I could not do it. My paradigm was running deep that every waking minute I had that I wasn't making dinner or doing the laundry or driving kids somewhere or something like that, I was working on my business. I had to. I had to support my family. I had to bring in the money. I couldn't shake that paradigm. At the same time, I didn't give up.

I persistently pursued my higher self, and knowing that my higher self would be moving her body. I look back now two years later and the cool thing is walking almost every day is a non negotiable. It is a must. In fact, part of my strategy to grow my business is to walk. I get my best ideas, intuitive hits and divine downloads when I'm walking in nature, when I've quieted my For example, the blog post idea came from my walk this morning.

Persistence is Key

That's when the overnight breakthroughs happen, when you are persistently pursuing and not giving up based on the current results. It's so easy to give up. It is so much harder to persistently pursue. We resist persistence, we resist staying the course of a goal or dream.
Let's be honest, we've been taught that everything we see online or in movies or on Netflix seems to be fast. Everything is a quick hit, or a quick fix.

Every up level, every result that you desire to have come true requires you to be persistent. It's not easy. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Are you willing to be persistently pursuing your big NOW Goal? When you think back to yourself from one year ago, can you see how far you have come from that space? When I look back to myself from one year ago, I have changed so much.

I am closer to my higher self than I was a year ago because I'm persistently pursuing my NOW Goal, and I want that for you. I want you to know that if you're going to work with me, if you want me to help you persistently pursue your assignment, your purpose on this planet, to do the work that's necessary from the inside out to go after it – It's not going to be overnight. I'm not promising that. What I am promising is that if you give me a year, you won’t even recognize how far you've come. As Bob Proctor would always say, you would need a telescope to look back and see how far you've come.

That's the truth that I can promise, but it does take time. The evolution of us takes time, but it is worth it.

The New Content Framework

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I'm going to show you how to do that by utilizing the Gene Keys and Human Design to up level your messaging, and to change the way you're creating content. It will also offer you a very practical solution to organize your content and organize your messaging. Your messaging must be on repeat. Without repetition, your marketing is not going to work.

Sometimes we forget that aspect, and we create too much content. It’s all over the place, it's not consistent, it's not repetitive, and it's not bringing through our conviction to the degree that we actually can become polarizing.

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