Your Strengths in Human Design are Your Superpower

Podcast Art. Woman looking straight on into camera leaning on wall. Clarity is the best drug out there. It feels so good when you have clarity. You know what I'm talking about, right? It’s like when you've been in some doubt or confusion about a decision, you haven’t really made up your mind about what you want to do yet. All of the back and forth can make your head hurt! And then, you get clarity. You get to the breakthrough of the decision you’re going to make. It feels amazing. It is literally a feeling throughout the body. Clarity creates dopamine.

On the other hand, confusion is a terrible feeling. From a Human Design standpoint, confusion is coming from our open head center which 70% or more of us have an open head center. Confusion comes in from all the shiny objects and seeing so many options out there. With the open head there are three gates, three Gene Keys, we call them traits inside of Human Design for business. They are Gate 63, Gate 61, and Gate 64. In the shadow side of these three gates are confusion, doubt, and kind of like the pressure to know, or the pressure to get to the truth. Those are what those three gates are all about.

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The Power of Wisdom

For me personally, I have none of those three gates in the open head center activated. It makes it almost like I'm an antenna for all of the outside forces, people, ads, podcasts, opinions, etc. There's no filter. There is now, for me at least, because I've gained so much wisdom in how to manage that. The more you know, you're going to be able to see where you're meant to gain wisdom, where you're meant to learn and subsequently take those lessons and learn. When you have clarity and that awareness of where some of your biggest potholes are, it can literally change your life. But, we're all not built the same way. We are all over the place. If you look at the different body graphs in Human Design, we are so wildly different.

Some of my clients have their Life's Work or Purpose in one of those three traits in the open head center that I spoke about earlier. Do you know if you do? Understanding you, raising your awareness of you is incredibly powerful in terms of how you gain clarity. So for me, understanding my design and what I am here to work on, where I have strengths, but also where I'm susceptible to pitfalls has been massively incredible in my life and in my business – in what I am meant to do. In IGNITE Her Brand, I've been working with my clients when they come up for coaching and they're stuck or they're confused, I help them go from confusion to clarity. So often they’re confused around their niche, their brand, or they have confusion around which clients they should be going after or what message they should be putting out in the world. Going from confusion to clarity changes the game.

A Real Client Example

woman speaking to a group of other womenI recently had a client who was selling small business employee benefits. Clients or customers that she works with have anywhere from 2 to 200 employees. What she does is she goes in and she works with the owner, or the Human Resources department, and she helps them determine the right employee benefits that they should take on for their employees. Now, again, you could look at that and be like, “okay, that's really practical solutions.” She's a Brand Type 5,1, so that makes a lot of sense because she's offering practical solutions. But, she also has these strengths inside of her that really lend her to doing it in a unique way, in a heartfelt way with emotion, with caring. What was so powerful is that one of the strengths in her design just confirmed for her the direction she wanted to go in with her content, with why she positioned herself in a certain way, and even what her tagline was going to be.

One of her strengths that she had twice in her chart was the channel of mating, which might sound strange. It's channel 59.6 or strength 59.6, and it's all about intimacy. It's about the ability to break down walls easily with someone else, so that they can be more intimate in their discussions and sharing with you. Knowing this, I asked her if she finds that when she is sitting with a prospective client that they tend to open up and tell her a lot of things, even things that she really didn't ask. Maybe they’re kind fo more personal things which lead to more intimate types of discussions. Her answer was that that happens all the time. It’s because she has that strength in her! People feel it. She's also a fifth line Brand Type, which means that people can feel that she has a practical solution for them. They feel that she can help them.

Between the fifth line Brand Type, and this channel of intimacy being such a huge strength for her, it's really powerful in the work that she does and getting sales closed because she's able to really penetrate the aura of someone else because they feel so comfortable in being able to talk with her. She's got that strength when she is operating correctly, when she is in her highest frequency. People feel that really powerful stuff. This is something that when you understand this, you lean into it. Before knowing this about herself, she was already toying with the idea of putting together a tagline for her business that was all about employee benefits with heart, with caring, and wanting to bring that aspect into her marketing and into her consults.

Confirmation Creates Confidence

Here's what I have found. When we look at our Human Design, and we start to understand ourselves better, we get confidence, but where is that confidence coming from? It comes from confirmation of what is in our Human Design. We gain confidence through that confirmation. In traditional Human Design, they're called channels. But as I said, in Human Design for business, we call them strengths, and it's important to understand what these strengths are because whatever your big impossible goal is for 2024, knowing what your strengths are can change the game.

I think of my son Cason, who loves the Avengers, right? Any movie with superheroes he loves, I love them too. I actually love the Avengers. I want you to know that the truth is that we're all superheroes. We all have strengths that are our unique superpowers, and when these very superpowers are combined together, we are uniquely designed. We are a uniquely designed superhero. For me, my superpowers are community focused, determination, desire for new experiences, and I'm an excellent communicator. It's why I have the BRAND Podcast. This is clearly written in my design, and getting to understand this has given me clarity, conviction, and confidence to wear my cape and go out into the world.

How to Find Your Superpowers

woman walking down sidewalk passing storefrontsI want that for you. I mean, you have to want it for you first, but what superhero powers do you possess? You have them. What would knowing them do for you? I really invite you to explore your strengths more deeply. If you're interested in this, I really encourage you to order your HER Iconic Brand Kit. It's a personalized workbook and video assessment that I do for you, and I bundle this workbook, this personalized workbook, with three courses that I've created to help you study your superpowers more deeply. You were perfectly designed to be iconic, to create impact, and it's important that you learn more about your design and your strengths, so you can step out and don the cape that you are meant to wear so that you can fulfill your purpose on this planet.

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Now, the really cool thing is that by purchasing this, I also bring you into our private client only Facebook group called IGNITE Her Society. It's only for clients, and it allows you to get that support by asking questions and getting help from me as well as you go through the courses. You're not just taking these courses in a vacuum.

If you want to know more about how you were perfectly designed to be iconic and to create impact to fulfill the mission that you are meant to fulfill on this planet, I highly invite you to order your own personalized copy. I customize it for you based on your design, and it can literally open the doorway for you to uplevel who you be.

I can't wait to see your design! Get your personalized workbook and access to the course bundle by clicking here.

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