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Let's talk about purpose. This word started to haunt me back in 2015 and 2016, where the word purpose just continued to rear its head. It was almost like a toddler or a little kid that pulls on your shirt trying to get your attention, that's what it felt like inside of me when it came to purpose. I knew that my two decade long career in corporate was not my purpose. I knew that I was not living my purpose, and that's why I think it was getting louder and louder. I had my third child, Cason in 2014, and by about 2015, I was coming out of that whirlwind of having my third child, knowing that he was the last baby I was going to have, and it really caused me to look forward into my future and caused me to really take a step back to say, “Wait a minute, I don't think I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing in my lifetime on this planet by working in this corporate job.”

I think that happens to a lot of us. I've heard it's anywhere at the end of your 30s into your 40s, or even as you are going into your 50s, that you start to have this realization, this awakening that you might not be doing what is aligned to your purpose. I believe it's less about age, and it's more about phase of life. I personally think it's more about coming out of the fog of having little kids and all the things that go along with that. Your kids start to become little people, and they're moving forward and going after their dreams, and you start to question some things in your own life.

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What Do We Mean by Purpose?

That definitely happened for me, and that’s when I got stuck thinking about what my purpose is. I think so many people question this. What I want to share is that we've been looking in the wrong place when it comes to purpose. We tend to look outside of ourselves. We are trying to find our purpose, discover our purpose. Those are the words you hear often when people are talking about their purpose. What do we even mean by purpose? It's the reason why we're here, but I think a lot of people equate purpose to what they do to make money, so their career or their business. Let's be really clear that our life's purpose is not just about how we go and make money. Our life's purpose is so much deeper than that, and there are so many lessons and discoveries and things that we're meant to do in this lifetime, but we do equate it often to our vocation or our calling.

For this blog's purpose, no pun intended, we're going to talk about your calling, your vocation. What you do Monday through Friday, or whatever hours that you work, to create money, so that you can have a certain lifestyle and experience things. That’s what we're going to use as our purpose. We're going to say that we have a life's calling, a vocation, something that is very purpose driven. I want to really help you to see that it's not something that you need to find, it's not something you need to discover. Really, when we start to actually say it's something we need to uncover is when we actually start seeing the truth. Our purpose, our vocation, our calling, our passion and natural gifts in certain areas are actually inside of us. So we have to start by stopping saying, “I've got to find my purpose and discover my purpose.”

Uncover Your Blueprint

It's not a quest for purpose outside of your body, it's actually going IN to uncover your true vocation, your true calling, your purpose. I didn't know that, and the funny thing is that I actually had clues all along the way that are indeed the facts, but I kept thinking that I had to discover it, that it was something outside of me that somehow I was going to find my purpose like it was lost. The reality is that your purpose, your innate gifts, who you are, what lights you up, and what you're naturally good at is in your DNA. It's inside of you. It's almost like a blueprint. It's like your fingerprints on your fingers.

You don't have to go looking, but you do have to uncover. This can be challenging too, but before we can even uncover, we have to understand that that's what we're doing. We have to understand that our purpose does not lie in something outside of us. Can you see how quickly that becomes a challenge? That if you think your purpose is outside of you, it's going to be like chasing your tail. You're going to always be looking. When you take total self responsibility and accountability and acceptance that your purpose is actually already in you, now you can go start uncovering and looking in for your purpose rather than throwing your hands up in the air to say, “I just don't know.”

How to Find Your Purpose

This is a really powerful distinction. Even though it seems pretty subtle, it's actually the start of truly uncovering your purpose or actually never finding it ever. That's how important this is. This distinction that your purpose is not to be found or discovered, it's rather to be uncovered because it's already in your DNA. If you can get your mind around that, you are going to start the unraveling process. You're going to start the opening process to really going inside of yourself. This is the work that we do in our foundational program, BEcoming Her Is The Secret. Our goal is first and foremost, self responsibility, self accountability, and the decision to go in rather than out to find your true purpose, your true happiness. All you could desire is an inward journey.

You cannot outperform your inner world. If you want money, love, a purpose driven vocation, certain kinds of relationships in your life, health and fitness, or whatever else you may desire, it's an inside job. 

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Everyone wants to go and DO, even when it comes to discovering your purpose. What do I need to do? How do I find my purpose? How do I discover my purpose? How, how, how. Really, it's more of who do I need to BE to uncover my purpose? That's the question I want you to write down. Who do I need to BE to uncover my purpose? In our being, it's our thoughts and our feelings. What do you need to be thinking to go inside to find your purpose? What do you need to be feeling to go inside to find your purpose? These are the questions that you should be asking. 

If you are serious about discovering and uncovering what's inside of you as your true vocation and purpose, then please make sure that you are part of IGNITE Her Society. I have some really exciting things coming that I'm going to show you, that is going to help you to crack the code that's already inside of you to unravel your purpose and step fully into it so that you can be prosperous and you can feel amazing about what you do every day while you're here on this planet. 

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