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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I like to give you the behind the scenes around my business every so often. I find that it might help you in not only the creation of your business, but also to kind of see how businesses evolve, especially when the business is a services based business backed by a personal brand. I know for most of you, that is the case. Whether you were in network marketing, or you are a coach, or you're some kind of a services based entrepreneur, people are buying from you. They're trusting you. They're believing you. That’s all about a personal brand. In having a business like that, where you are the brand and where you are the business, evolution is required. We don't have these businesses to not grow. I don't mean grow financially. I mean grow as in you evolve into the next level version of you.

That's kind of how this works. You've heard me say this before, your business can't outperform you. It's really important to understand this because it means you have to do the inner work continuously to evolve.

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What Do I Mean by the Inner Work?

The inner work is the deconditioning of old programming, old thinking, old identity that is holding you back from the next level of your business. Again, your business can't outperform you or outgrow you. So, in order for you to go to having a six figure business, you literally need to evolve into a different identity. You need to evolve from someone that had the identity of maybe an employee without her own business to having an identity of being a six figure business owner. That's evolution. I remember going through that, and then it's going from being a six figure entrepreneur to multiple six figure or seven figure.

I speak from experience when I say that that requires huge identity shifts, and we're never done. I used to love hearing from Bob Proctor, how at 87 years old was still growing, still doing the inner work, still evolving, still learning more about himself and where he was holding himself back until he died. He said he was going to study himself until he was no longer here. Because, the more that we are aware of our patterns, of our limiting beliefs, and of things that are holding us back, the more we can evolve into that higher level version of ourselves, and that’s how beautiful things happen. To me, the best part of that evolution is that I'm happier. I'm just a calmer, happier person more of the time than I've ever been in my life. That comes from this evolution. I have been in massive inner transformation and growth for the last year, really the last 18 months, and I am by no means done.

Now, the fascinating thing is I believe that I have to go through some of these things that I go through in my inner growth and journey, so that I can uncover various tools, learnings, lessons, and wisdom, to share with you on your journey. If that's the case, then I am okay having to go through it. It's not always easy, but what I can tell you is that these last 18 months have been extraordinarily eye-opening on the identity shifts and the inner journey that I needed to go on to be able to help you. Here's the thing, it was an inner journey that surprised me.

Our Soul is a Beautiful Container of Light & Gifts

In my last blog post, I said that I am coming out of the “woo-woo” closet and being more bold in sharing with you some of the tools and the work that I've been doing with some coaches, mentors and guides. It’s been one of deep soul work. Our soul is this beautiful container of light and gifts. You have so many gifts and talents. I have so many gifts and talents, and they're baked into our soul. What’s so amazing is that mine are different from yours. These gifts and talents are our highest potential, but we'll never reach our highest potential in this lifetime. However, we can try to uncover as much as we can. I believe that our souls are like pure light. They are totally unconditioned. All the gifts you could possibly need and talents to have the most beautiful life are within our souls. It's our conditioning of our mind that wrecks it all. 

It’s our conditioned, human body that shields the light of our soul from coming out. I think my soul was trying to tell me to leave IBM for two decades, but I didn't listen to it because of all of my conditioning in my mind telling me, “That’s too risky,” or “you should work for someone else.” All these things that come up that are just all conditioning in mind. It has nothing to do with your soul and what your soul wants. So for me, in the past 18 months, I had to really look inside in a much deeper way. I had to understand the deep conditioning that was holding me back. I had to get to the soul level. I had to go deeper in understanding me at the soul level, and me at the conditioned level. 

Now, hear me when I say being conditioned doesn't actually have to be a bad thing if the conditioning works. So for me, my conditioning tends to work well for me in my drive and determination with my business. I am never giving up. I have a lot of persistence that's baked into me. There were things that my father conditioned me on. Books I read conditioned me in a very powerful way that serves me well, but there's so much conditioning that does not serve me. The same is true for you. So, going way deeper in tools like Human Design and the Gene Keys, working with a spiritual guide, and really getting into that deeper level of awareness of not just my conditioning that was holding me back, but also my true self, my soul. Really understanding when I am fully stepping into the light of that space of my soul's work has been really exciting. The funny thing is, it's a constant back and forth. Some days I'm feeling so soul aligned and so amazing. It’s my soul that’s driving my actions. But, then other days, my mind and the conditioning are in the driver's seat. That's the work. Who's in the driver's seat? The soul or the conditioned mind that is not serving you? That’s the really powerful work. 

In my journey through this, here's what's been interesting. Last year I started to share some of these concepts from Human Design and the Gene Keys with blog readers, podcast listeners and clients, but I found that I was holding myself back. I think that I was holding myself back because some of our clients were expressing that maybe these ideas might not be in total  alignment with their religious beliefs, or for various other reasons. That may come up for you too. I have this one piece of advice on that – I believe that every religion out there wants you to be a better you, and to fully step into your soul level you.

Your Soul Level You

To me, your soul level you is pure light and letting go of all the things that are holding you back. Whether those be bad patterns and habits, negative thinking, or any other excuse you give for not stepping into your true calling. If you can use some of these tools like Human Design and Gene Keys lightly and solely for the purpose of being more in tune with your soul and your God-given gifts and talents, and stepping into that version of you versus the highly conditioned version of you, I can't see how that can be wrong. I think that your inner work to uncover your soul's purpose, to uncover your soul, actually doesn't have to have anything to do with your religious beliefs. All of this was holding me back.

What I Always Say…

When you try to speak to everyone, you speak to no one. The fact that I was holding back my passion, my own insights and journey with this deeper dive into my soul, into my intuition, into that clarity, into the deconditioning, and using tools like the Gene Keys and Human Design was not going to serve anyone by not talking about it. This caused me to take a really hard look at my mission, at what I'm here to do, and at what my offerings were. Was I creating offers to help women more aligned to my mission? Or, was I creating offers aligned to my conditioned mind as an entrepreneur? This is powerful. I found that I was holding back from really sharing this amazing transformation and journey that I've been on, which is hard for me because I'm extremely transparent with my followers and clients.

Because I was holding back from sharing this transformation I was having, I was keeping all my content really vanilla. I didn't want anyone to feel like, “oh, what is she talking about,” or “I don’t believe in Human Design.” Here's the thing – I don't believe in any of these things either. I'm really not a purist on any of these things. What I am a purist on is me being a better me. Of me understanding me, so that I can be the best me out there. That I can help other people. That I can bust through my B.S., so I can be of highest service. That's what I'm a purist about. So, I was holding back on talking about it. 

When you couple that with my conditioned entrepreneurial mind that was so focused on what I “should” create that's going to sell versus what I really WANT to talk about. This caused me to lean super heavily in late 2022 and early 2023 in business strategy. Why? Because business strategy is something I'm very good at. I've had so much training in business – I have my MBA, I worked 20 years in corporate, I've owned three different businesses of my own. I really know business, and I know marketing especially. So, I leaned into the more logical strategy tactics like the Simple Business Plan Framework, my BE the CEO business membership, and all of those other offers I put out, which are phenomenal teachings and phenomenal offers. They're great because you still need to take action in your business. You still need to know what to do. You still need to know how to set up email and run email sequences, and have free offers and paid offers, and you need to know how to do consults. All of those things you absolutely need, so none of that's going away. 

What I was holding back from was the BEing component, because it's the being doing the doing. I have a core program called BEcoming Her is the Secret that’s 9 lessons that helps you with this initial 101 inner journey of radical self responsibility and starting to clear away and identify paradigms. That's a great place for people to start. In fact, we sell the IGNITE Her Basics bundle for people that are just starting on their inner journey, but for many of you, you're past that. You are next level. You have done the inner work, and you're ready to go deeper and do more. 

I was holding that back because I wasn't sure how it would be received. Shame on me, but I had to get there. I had to actually go through my own deconditioning of my entrepreneurial mind to start to open that woo-woo closet door. The epiphanies that I have had since making that decision are incredible. The funny thing is, is that my mission for the longest time has been IGNITE and IGNITE Her. You IGNITE that inner soul and start to IGNITE that light inside of you. That's always been my message, which is so interesting. Myoffers got very business oriented like step by step processes in how to do XY and Z, or how to build email sequences, and more general marketing. All of those things you definitely need, but it’s so important to step into also bringing you that next level of inner growth and development. 

As I look back over the course of my businesses, there has been a common thread throughout every single piece of it. I had my first network marketing business back in 2016, and went to open a brick and mortar boutique in 2017. Then I moved back into network marketing and became a top 2% leader in early 2018. I then started my coaching business at that exact same time, getting my certification at the end of 2018, and starting that coaching business. My coaching business has evolved. It went from Divorced Mommy, where I was helping moms who were divorced have awesome co-parenting relationships with their exes to evolving to coaching which was More Than Mommy. More Than Mommy was all about helping women to wake up from the inside out to find their true calling to coaching the Standout Breakout Formula and IGNITE University to IGNITE Results into IGNITE Her. 

It's all evolved with the same thread pretty much throughout helping women align to their true calling and IGNITING their soul, their true self – IGNITING Her. That thread has been there since 2016, which is amazing. As I've gone through the Gene Keys work and Human Design, that's clearly what my brand is all about, and the Gene Keys have helped me to see that. So. I was on the right path the whole time, which is so cool! I was listening to my soul, but things were holding me back in the full evolution of that brand because of the conditioning, and I will have that happen to me again. It's just how this works. I share that with you because your business is going to evolve with you. 

You Are the Key for Your Business to Grow

You have to grow for your business to grow. Your conditioning has to change for your business to grow. You have to go in to get clarity. You have to go in and mine the diamonds of clarity and conviction, which become the fuel for your content and your offers. It is so incredibly powerful. Therefore, our portfolio of offers is really shifting to meet that, dualness, if you will. That duality of the inner work and evolution with the how-to on the business side of things or the how-to in getting to know your true calling. Whatever it's going to be, the how-to is needed. But, the inner work is more important and the inner work will actually show you and reveal to you the how-to. It's that important. Because of that, we're really solidifying and simplifying our offer portfolio, and we're going to really have three main offers. 

That doesn't mean we're not going to have some smaller things like a little mini course or a paid workshop, or being able to buy, BEcoming Her is the Secret, which is a course. I mean three offers where you are live with me, where you are not just consuming content, but you're getting coached by me. You are part of a community. It's a true program. I'm gonna share what the three are and the next steps with them. 

InHer Circle

The first  big offer that we've shifted and that I'm so excited about is called InHer Circle. It is my coach mastermind for female coaches. If you're a female service provider, it fits you as well because it's all about if your business is you, if what you sell is services, not products, and you are the brand, it's the mastermind for you. What we do in that mastermind is we work with the Gene Keys and Human Design, and other tools I may bring into it to ensure that you are stepping fully into the clarity and conviction of your message, so that your content becomes magnetic. That you create magnetic core content with that inner work, and you are ensuring that your business is set up for growth. In InHer Circle, we're marrying all of that inner work using Gene Keys and Human Design, coaching with me through the BE the CEO Membership which includes all of our business coaching and trainings are all part of InHer Circle. That's a huge offer to me. 

It's for the woman who has started her coaching business or service business, she's got clients, and maybe she’s already at the six figure level and she’s ready to grow. You're ready to grow with that clarity and that conviction and really to become that lighthouse in your marketing.

IGNITE Her Calling

The next offer that I'm really excited about is called IGNITE Her Calling. There are so many women I know that are not entrepreneurs yet. They don't have a business quite yet, but they're in a job probably similar to where I was at, where they're not happy with their work. They're spending so much time there because that’s where we spend most of our waking hours – at our day jobs. They don't love their day job, they want to leave, but they have no idea what they're going to do. A lot of times people call it your purpose, but I like to call it your calling. 

Your purpose is who you're being. Your purpose is your evolution of you during the time of your life here on this planet. Your calling is like your vocation. It's what you do to make money. It's a little different. So, IGNITE Her Calling is all about using the Gene Keys and Human Design to uncover your true vocation, and the path to take to actually bring that vocation to fruition so that it can create a path to be able to have choice. That choice may be to leave the day job, to maybe have your vocation and the day job, or maybe it allows you to go part-time at the day job. It would be up to you! IGNITE Her Calling is something I'm really, really excited about right now. We actually have a free workshop coming up on June 23rd at 11am eastern to dive deeper into how the Gene Keys and Human Design can help unlock your true calling.

Register for free here!

If you don't have a business yet, you're not so happy in your day job, or you're looking for other options, but you're not sure what your true calling is, what your true vocation is, you're going to want to learn more about IGNITE Her Calling, so register here

The IGNITE Coach School

The final offer from a program standpoint is for women that want to become coaches is the IGNITE Coach School where we certify coaches in our mindset and coaching methods. That certification process really helps to develop the skills, the tools, and the confidence to actually be a coach. We've got a coach certification that's part of the IGNITE Coach School, and then we also help you with starting your business and growing your business. So, our BE the CEO Membership  is part of the 10K Coach Accelerator, where you're able to get certified and then build your business to that first six figure level. 

It's those three things. If you think of it in sequential order, we've got IGNITE Her Calling, which if in that process becoming a coach is something that someone really wants to do, then they can come in and get certified in our IGNITE Coach School, and then move into the InHer Circle, which is our coaches’ mastermind, where we help you really to be able to become a thought leader. We help you to create your own frameworks, your own thought leadership, and to have that Magnetic Content landing you podcast guest spots and getting known for something, and really growing your business. I'm really excited about it all. It feels very simple. It heavily utilizes, tools that have changed the trajectory of my life. The Gene Keys and Human Design, and baking that in, but also marrying it all with timeless business marketing skills and principles that I have a ton of experience in. 

IGNITE Her is Everything

I hope that this helps in understanding that the evolution of your offering portfolio comes when you evolve yourself. I got tripped up over my conditioning in the entrepreneurial space, especially in 2022 when I was trying to figure out how to scale my business. I got sucked up into, “you should do this,” or “you should do that,” and all the other “shoulds.” That should have been my red flag. Anytime it's a “should,” that's a no. It's got to be innate, like, “yes, this is absolutely what Iwant to do.” I was trying so hard to figure out how to scale my business, getting input from all of these different business strategists and coaches, and I was missing the whole point of listening to my intuition and going in to do the inner work more than I was doing the business strategy work. 

When I finally dialed it back in and remembered that, that's when things began to shift. I'm excited to help you create those shifts too. If you don't have a business, but you aren't loving your day job, or you're looking for new options, and you really want to find your calling – your true vocation, IGNITE Her Calling is going to be the program for you. Again, I’m hosting a free workshop on June 23, 2023 at 11am eastern to dive deeper into how this program can help you. 

Register here!

If you know that you want to become a coach and start a coaching business, then the IGNITE Coach School and specifically the 10K Coach Accelerator inside the school is the perfect way to get certified and start that six figure coaching business. Then, if you are a coach or a service-based entrepreneur who's ready to take her business to the next level, you really want to be able to do some deeper inner work to uncover your brand, your message, your convictions so that your content really stands out, and you start to develop thought leadership in your coaching business, not just coaching, then InHer Circle is for you! It's a mastermind for coaches. 

I hope this was helpful to kind of see what we're doing, how we're doing it, why we're doing it this way, and how to really step into creating a very aligned business. I really didn't even share that in part of this journey – how I aligned I am to my business in my soul. I’m not just trying to follow other people’s models. 

I want to be spending my time creating content, delivering to clients, really stepping out and making a difference in the world. I want my business to be light, flexible and scalable, yet not super heavy on the payroll. It's all about alignment. It's all about making sure that you're building a business that's in alignment to you. 

If there is a particular offer that makes sense for you, go explore it at www.igniteherbrand.com 

If you have any questions, you can also email us support@juliecidi.com 

I would love to invite you to IGNITE Her Society. It’s my free community with it’s own mobile app and web interface with a private podcast, as well as all of our upcoming free masterclass and workshops, and other goodies just for you. So if you want to unleash your niche and bring your marketing to the next level to attract your dream clients, IGNITE Her Society is the place for you. You don't wanna miss out! Go to www.ignitehersociety.com to  join for free, and you will unlock lots of free goodies from me to you on your journey.

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