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I started this podcast in 2018 to inspire moms with what is possible! I share my own personal journey but I also interview amazing mamas doing incredible things. 

Two episodes weekly! Side Hustle Tip Tuesdays are short and sweet, but full of important tips to make money! The weekly Friday episode is all about showing you what is possible! 

If you are interested in being on my podcast, please contact me at julie@julieciardi.com

153 | 6 Figure Network Marketing Business

Have you ever thought you could make 6 figures working with a network marketing business?! You can! In this episode, I give you the simple tools to be able to actually achieve that goal! I’m going to help you see how you can find people to help you grow your business!...

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152 | How to Change Who You are Being

This episode is an oldly, but good one! I recorded this episode a little over a year ago but I think it’s an important one to share again! I’m so excited to share with you today both a book and a practice that is helping me to consciously let go of who I was being in...

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151 | Top 5 Mindset Tips for Growth

In this episode, I share with you my top 5 mindset tips to help you in your business growth! Mindset is key to having success in your business. You are going to get out of your business, what you put into it! Your business operates best when YOU believe in what you...

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149 | Stop Social Media Insanity

Do you ever get overwhelmed by social media? Is it a part of your business that you dread? In this episode, I give you some advice about how you can stop feeling this way and enjoy social media again. You need to remember to start using social media for what it was...

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148 | Scale with Joy with Laura Meyer

Do you sometimes get stuck and wonder what to do next to scale your business? Or are you starting to lose the joy you had from when you first started as an entrepreneur? Then this episode is definitely for you! In this episode we chat with Laura Meyer, a brand...

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147 | Impact Over Sales

This week on Side Hustle Tip Tuesday, I really want you to think, what kind of IMPACT can you have with your business? What is your purpose? How can you give back? In this episode, I share with you ways I am giving back with my business and how I can help you do the...

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146 | How to Be an Entrepreneur

Want consistent revenue? Want some accountability or coaching? Want to create a six figure business and keep scaling?? It’s all about the repetition of the basics that will get you to your six figures. But the life of an entrepreneur is not easy and we need each...

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141 | How to Handle Comparison

Do you struggle comparing your journey to someone else's? In this episode, I give you a little pep talk on how to avoid the comparison game, how to remember the wins and accomplishments you have made, and how to get your mindset in the right place. Change your...

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139 | Discovering What You Were Made For

Have you ever wondered what you were TRULY made for? Do you feel sometimes there is more to your life journey and you're just not sure how to discover that? Well, then this podcast episode is for you! In this Side Hustle Tip Tuesday episode, I share with you the...

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