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I started this podcast in 2018 to inspire moms with what is possible! I share my own personal journey but I also interview amazing mamas doing incredible things. 

Two episodes weekly! Biz Tip Tuesdays are short and sweet, but full of important tips to make money! The weekly Friday episode is all about showing you what is possible! 

If you are interested in being on my podcast, please contact me at team@julieciardi.com

201 | What is Clubhouse?

Have you heard of the new social platform Clubhouse?? Well be on the lookout because I think this is going to be extremely big! It’s a powerful platform where you can share your voice, and ONLY your voice, to connect with new people who you can potentially collaborate...

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Celebrating 200 | 2021 Your Path to Freedom

AHH!! I can’t believe we are celebrating the 200th episode of the podcast! Thank you so much for listening. I’m so glad that you are here!   Today is the first day of the new year and I wanted to make some fun announcements! Did you notice a change in the podcast...

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199 | What is Your Word for 2021

Do you pick a word for the year? Have you picked your word for 2021 yet? In this episode I chat with you about why picking a word of the year is important to me and how it’s helped me in my business growth. I reveal to you my three words for next year! Yes, I picked...

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198 | 2021 Planning Session | Do the Math

Can you believe that 2021 is just a couple weeks away now?? I am soo excited for what the new year is going to bring! I just have this feeling that my personal growth and my business growth is going to be something amazing! I want you to feel the same way about...

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197 | Building Your OWN Business

The one thing I want to help women do is create freedom and in this episode I tell you how this is possible! After selling my brick and mortar boutique business, I joined a network marketing company! I was super successful, but it got to a point where I didn’t see my...

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194 | Do This to Grow Your Business Today

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast?? Well if you are a business owner, this is something I think you should HIGHLY consider. Podcasts are exploding right now. People love having access to listen to something while doing things around the house, driving and...

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192 | Gratitude for My Past Self

In this episode, I wanted to get real with you about why I am grateful for Julie a few years ago. I am so grateful that she stayed the course and never gave up! I even had a launch once where nobody bought a thing. I could have stopped then, but I didn’t! I have...

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190 | Holiday Growth Plan

Want to end the year strong in your business?? Then here is my simplest advice. Make a plan and be prepared! Don’t let the next 6-7 weeks go to waste. Sit down today and make a plan on how you are going to utilize the holiday season for your business to grow and end...

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188 | Your Spouse and Your Business

Do you find it hard sometimes to explain to your spouse what you are doing with your business or have him understand your vision and where it’s going? In this episode, I’m ready to be real with you and the first thing I can tell you is that your spouse is not always...

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186 | 3 Tips to Increase Sales Today

Do you have a hard time with your business and getting out there because you hate being “salesy”?? I’m going to teach you in this episode how to step into service and not feel this way anymore. Stop stressing over your sales and start OBSESSING over serving your ideal...

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184 | One Platform To Grow Your Business

  Do you ever wonder where to start with your business when it comes to all the social media platforms out there? Lean into the platform of choice where your IDEAL person is and get really good at it! Be sure to make a strategy by serving and nurturing and then...

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