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I started this podcast in 2018 to inspire women to bust down the life of should and create a life she truly wants. 

Every Thursday, tune in to hear mindset shifting, goal setting, money making, abundant life creating episodes to help you DESIGN the life you want vs living it by default.

If you are interested in being on my podcast, please contact me at team@julieciardi.com

268 | New Definition of Success

Do you have a worthy goal? What is it that you want and are you prepared to be on a progressive journey to achievement? In this episode of the podcast, I want to help you change your definition of success. Success should not just be about your final achievement....

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266 | The Happiness Habit

Are you happy most of the time? Or are you letting outside forces impact your happiness level? Or are you choosing to just be happy? These are the questions I want you to ask yourself as you listen to this episode because I want you to know that you can develop the...

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264 | Give Your Dream the Time it Needs

Have you ever had a dream or goal that you wanted so badly but you gave up too soon? I’m here to tell you that a lot of times, the ultimate goal or dream SHOULD take time. Sometimes people get lucky and they can get there fast and for others it can take months or...

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263 | BEcoming the 6 Figure CEO

Have you ever asked someone who is successful in their business who they are being and what their state of mind is versus what they are doing? I will say this again and again, the difference in a strategy or level of success is the person. All the strategies work but...

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262 | Change Your Perspective

  Do you feel like you grew up and forgot to dream? Have you let the “shoulds” of society tell you what you needed to do next in your life? I want you to dream again! I want to help change your perspective so that you can achieve the things that bring you passion...

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261 | IGNITE 10K Goals

Can you believe that there are only 4 months left in 2021?? Can you also believe that you can still achieve so much in this amount of time! I want to help you obsess in a beautiful way over your next big goal, but I want to teach you the right way to set those goals....

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260 | Get Rid of the Mom Guilt

I had to do something really hard this last weekend. I sent my first child to college. My daughter has left the nest and it was really hard. But it could have been harder. I have been doing so much work on being happy on the inside, regardless of outside...

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259 | Responsibility for Your Results

Do you ever catch yourself giving up and then blaming everything and everyone else for the things that got in your way? In reality, taking responsibility for your results and actions is ultimately the difference between you meeting your goals and giving up. People...

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258 | Stop Shiny Strategy Syndrome

  Did you know that every marketing and sales strategy actually works?? I’m talking every one of them. They work or they wouldn’t sell right? We all want someone who has the magic that makes our business run successfully. But if every student and person got 100%...

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256 | Stop Doing THIS When Goal Setting

Have you ever thought about the time boundaries you put on your goals? Are you setting unrealistic boundaries that keeps you from meeting your goals? When we put timelines on our goals, it can cause the negative thought patterns and behaviors because we aren’t ever...

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255 | Play Full Out

Do you want to think bigger, but something still holds you back?? I just returned from a conference with my business coach Kelly Roach and I was so inspired. I decided I was going to show up as 8-figure Julie. Yes..I am thinking big! Because I showed up as future...

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254 | The Effortless Way

In this episode of our Success Study Hall, we chat more about assumption and the idea of the “effortless way”. Once you decide that something is done or going to happen the way you imagine it, you do nothing because it’s all going to come to you. But it will come to...

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252 | The Power of Assumption

I get asked a lot, how did you start a business? Most people are stuck on the HOW. But the how isn’t actually always the same for everyone. In fact, most strategies work that you will come across, but I realized that I needed to teach a DIFFERENT how. I teach the how...

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251 | How Do You Get What You Want

We are repeating this episode because knowing what you want is the core of getting your mindset in the right place for success. When I was working my corporate job, I kept having this feeling that I wasn’t supposed to be there. That I wasn’t truly living the life I...

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