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I started this podcast in 2018 to inspire moms with what is possible! I share my own personal journey but I also interview amazing mamas doing incredible things. 

Two episodes weekly! Side Hustle Tip Tuesdays are short and sweet, but full of important tips to make money! The weekly Friday episode is all about showing you what is possible! 

If you are interested in being on my podcast, please contact me at julie@julieciardi.com

135 | Strategy Ideas for Your Facebook Group

Are you having a hard time getting engagement or knowing what to post next in your Facebook group? In this episode, I dive deeper into some easy tips and perspective on how to look at your Facebook Group to get more engagement! Make your Facebook groups fun and...

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133 | Why Your Instagram Bio Is So Important

Did you ever think of your Instagram bio like a dating profile? Do you post about the who you are and the things you like? This stuff is fun, for sure, but people can see more about who you are in your posts! Your Instagram bio is the first impression people get of...

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131 | Why You Need a Social Media Strategy

In this Side Hustle Tip Tuesday episode, I give you some tips on choosing your social media platform and how important it is to have a strategy to go with it! I go over with you 4 things a business needs to have business growth and how social media plays a role in...

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129 | Building a Personal Brand

Have you ever thought about how important your personal brand really is to your business? In this episode, I break down for you the most important parts of your personal brand. You really have to know who you are and who you are targeting. You have to be able to craft...

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128 | Create a Strategy to Grow Your Business

After years of experience in the corporate world and now running my own business, I have learned the key strategies that are necessary to run your business and have success! In this episode, I give you some tips on how to create your strategy to grow you business!  Do...

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